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With combined experience in instrument making and the musical instrument industry of over 40 years in both Europe and the US, our team of German trained instrument makers loves exploring new concepts and ideas to bring new and innovative products to players in the US.

Whether it's with our partners from all over the world or our brands that are closer to home like Moe-Custom Clarinets, Morrél Instruments, and BeltHeld, our efforts are a result of our passion for making quality products available to musicians in the US, collaborating and exchanging ideas with artists, and our desire to promote variety in the industry.

Abstract Black Wave


Partnering with innovative and dynamic manufacturers from countries such as the US, Germany, Switzerland, France, and China has made it possible for us to help bring further variety to the US market.

We are very selective of brands we represent and hold all of our brands to the highest standards of quality. The manufacturers we work with are all rooted in a strong tradition of instrument making and a sense of pride in their quality of materials and craftsmanship, which makes them a perfect match for us.


Whether we are working with professional players, band directors, professors, students, or their parents, we strive to provide a positive experience.

We understand something as personal as purchasing a new instrument or trusting our workshop with your own is huge and we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our team and workshop is committed to make the process as comfortable and secure as possible


Whether this is via email or phone, during an appointment at our showroom or in our workshop - you're happiness with your instrument is what matters to us!

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